A strong leadership team with solid tech background

Based in Paris, France

+5 years of experience in tech and insurance


2 years as Project Manager and Team Leader in a Next40 startup

Industrial Engineer from Ecole Centrale Paris

Victor Giron



Based in Rotterdam, Netherlands

Software Engineer degree from UNITEC, Honduras

+7 years of experience as a software engineer

Photo Viktor.jpg

5 years as Software Architect, Developer and Team leader

4 years as computer science professor in UNITEC, Honduras

Victor Zavala



How do we grow our pool with the best software engineers?

The best software engineers in Tegucigalpa (Honduras) become candidates because we personally know most of them



Once we have a candidate, we call him to discuss the techs he masters and his remote work experience

We evaluate his technical expertise through a pair programming exercise or a remote programming exercise



We evaluate if the candidate is fit for remote working in a 1-hour interview about communication skills and time management skill

In a final interview, we challenge the candidate’s willingness to grow with us